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COREENA  was at JESSICA & MICHAEL  and had this to say:

We had this for my nieces wedding and it was fabulous. Such a great time with great memories forever.

COREENA  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

BEN  was at   and had this to say:

It was a really fun party to enjoy with my friends and the photo booth had topped it of

BEN  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

KIMBERLY BERRY  was at BERRY/ BALLANTINE  and had this to say:

We absolutely loved the photobooth! Everyone had such a great time! were so kind and loving to all of our guests and I highly recommend them for any event!

KIMBERLY BERRY  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

ROSANNE  was at BERRY/ BALLANTINE  and had this to say:

It was a blast to have a photobooth at a wedding, gives the guests something to do other then dance

ROSANNE  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

DRAGICA JAGUNIC  was at DRAGO'S 70'S BIRTHDAY  and had this to say:

I had an amazing time... luv photo booths... so much fun

DRAGICA JAGUNIC  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

ANGIE SIMPSON  was at SUPPORT & HOUSING HALTON  and had this to say:

It was a blast..highly recommended

ANGIE SIMPSON  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

CATHERINE JURSA  was at INGRID & TIM  and had this to say:

The Photo Booth was a blast! My friends and family all had such a great time taking pictures with the props! I love the fact that you get four pictures on a nice sized card AND they give you enough copies for everyone! Thanks so much!

CATHERINE JURSA  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!


it was a great time at the ORCA reception dinner to have the photo booth! the gentleman who managed the group that evenign was very pleasant!

CAROLE PARENT  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

LYNETTE  was at NICOLE & IAN  and had this to say:

Photo booth was a fun and unique way to capture memories of Nicole and Ian's Special Day . Loved all the cute props and silly hats, and even better that we get to keep the photos after as a personal memento. Way to go PhotoBooth!

LYNETTE  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

TRISH  was at NICOLE & IAN  and had this to say:

I flew in from Alberta to attend Nicky & Ian Legge's wedding on the 6th of August. This was my first time ever seeing the photo booth. I thought it was an excellent idea to entertain their guests. I had fun putting together different themes!

TRISH  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

HIRA KAZMI  was at   and had this to say:

Had a lot of fun in wedding.the photo booth service was awesome.. They took 3 clicks for us all of them were amazing and on the top we got our photos right away. I would really love to have this service in my party. Thanks

HIRA KAZMI  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!


The photo booth was a blast and amazing! I love all the props and how it turned out to be! Thank you for making our time worth it! It's a great aspect!

HARRIS MANSOOR  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!


Having the photo booth at the event was a great idea, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. The camera and flash made me and my friends look great (good quality). Thank you.

SOGOL  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

ERICA  was at ERICA'S SWEET 16 SURPRISE PARTY  and had this to say:

Hey, its the birthday girl! I had a lot of fun at the party, thank you for everything!

ERICA  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

JENN LANG  was at TD BANK GROUP  and had this to say:

I love the photo booth and the quality of your pictures and print outs are far superior to others I've seen

JENN LANG  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!


Second year getting our pics done at the holiday party photo booth--it's becoming a tradition!


RAMESH  was at LIFE TIME ATHLETIC  and had this to say:

Absolutely amazing job photographing there were a lots of fun and photographer was so patient.You will not be disappointed nor will you regret it! I am completely obsessed with my pictures, and you will be too!Real fun good job by photobooth team for their hardwork.

RAMESH  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

BHARAT  was at ACE BAKERY  and had this to say:

Its a fantastic and funny experience ever..... i like so much

BHARAT  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

PARVEEN  was at JLL HOLIDAY STAFF PARTY  and had this to say:

Carlos was amazing - myself and my co-worker/friend had a blast and were kind of photobooth hoggers lol - but it was ONLY because we were making it fun for Carlos lol. It was a great time and Carlos was very patient :)

PARVEEN  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

MARK  was at EDWARD JONES HOLIDAY LAUNCH PARTY  and had this to say:

it was a ton of fun. the costumes provided were great and added to what was an already hilarious event.

MARK  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

AMANDA HEATH  was at THE HOLMES GROUP  and had this to say:

Super fun! And I love the fact that its not contained to a box!

AMANDA HEATH  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

NEHA  was at BMO C/O D+H TECH  and had this to say:

The photo boot enhanced the fun element of our party, especially posing with friends using different props. It certainly will be our memory of good times.

NEHA  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

LIZ  was at ROSEDALE AH FARLEY FUNDRAISER  and had this to say:

What a surprise! I had a wonderful time and the photographer was so relaxed and patient! Thank you for this lovely experience! Liz

LIZ  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

SUSIE LOPES  was at BMO C/O D+H TECH  and had this to say:

It was awesome!!! Mike & Sue were great :)

SUSIE LOPES  Gave Us 5 Stars!!!

INGRID  was at BMO C/O D+H TECH  and had this to say:

I had an amaizing time on December 5th /2015 taking those different poses and pretending to be a spie along with the different character i was, if asked how you guys did you were amaizaing, very patient and was willing to work with us. Great Job

INGRID  Gave Us 5 Stars!!! | Elite Entertainment | Savoy Studios
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